Wednesday 21 June: An introduction to the history of Photography - Sally Hoban

Ever since nature discovered a way to capture its own image through photography in the early 19th century, we have been fascinated by the technological and stylistic expertise of photographers and their pictures. Yet debate still rages today as to whether photography can be considered ‘art’.

This richly illustrated lecture tells the story of photography from an art historian’s perspective. It begins with the very first grainy ‘heliograph’ image taken in France by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 before discussing some of the key images in the history of photography from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

The lecture looks thematically at portraiture, art photography, documentary ‘photo realism’, fashion photography, images of science and nature and modern, contemporary digital images.

It also includes new scholarship in the history of photography and the work of women photographers, which has often been overlooked in existing histories.

about our lecturer:
Dr Sally Hoban is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham and has lectured extensively on art, design and antiques throughout the UK.
Sally has presented regular history programmes on BBC Two, BBC Four and BBC Radio 4.Her publications include Miller’s Collecting Modern Design.

Read more at her personal website